Chapters vs Posts, I'm trying to make my blog a book!
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Hi All, I'm using my blog, A Woman With a Past: The Post-Apocalyptic Approach to Dating, as a platform for a memoir. Okay, I know, this is nothing new. I'm wondering though, how to encourage new readers to "start at the beginning..." even though many of the posts stand on their own. Anybody with any experience with this? And, please check out, A Woman With a Past at I'll be visiting your blogs too! Peace, Jean
  • Deltra, This is great advice! I was weighing the pros and cons, blob vs. website. I had one, actually, then took it down, but you may have suggested the solution I was looking for. And I'd probably migrate to WordPress, since that's what I use at work. You're a doll-thanks so much. Best, Jean
  • As a marketer by trade who knows a little about web design, you should customize your homepage to do just what you suggest: promote your site as a long-form version of a memoir and encourage readers to start at the beginning. Though I haven't taken a look at your blog (stupid firewalls!), most blogs are just a list of posts in reverse-chronoligical order with the latest (or featured) post on the homepage. The gestalt of blogs (and of any website that encourages traffic) is that they encourage readers to read the most recent content rather than the most relevant content. The solution is to turn your blog into a website: the homepage is the introduction to whatever you want your visitors to know first - a link to the first post, the story of your blog, your personal information, any external links, etc. The posts page will live "behind" your homepage, along with a contact page, a bio page, etc, that isn't directly related to the content of your site. Sorry I can't tell you how to do this with blogspot: I'm a WordPress girl. But someone in the social media group or in this blogger group should be able to help you with the practicalities Good luck and let me know if you need any more ideas Deltra