What's Next? Disney Land?
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Good morning, Ladies! Congratulations to us all! My thanks to the judges and She Writes! So I feel now as we all won the SuperBowl of entries, what's next? There is only going to be one final winner and even then, there is at least four weeks of waiting. What is YOUR next step? For me, I am still not sure. I have a project - not just the manuscript I submitted a small section of. But for me, while I have a platform, I feel I need to expand it. I only just began blogging, as many of you know by my emails - and believe I have made progress (come visit if you have time, I'd love your comments - although this is not my intention to plug my blog). So I think I am using the four weeks to continue to write and expand the platform. I also began a format query letter and may begin to look into agents. Not sure yet. What about you? Would love to hear! Meryl Jaffe www.departingthetext.blogspot.com
  • This contest really gave me the push I needed to get back to my manuscript/proposal in the midst of a hectic time. Yay for that! :)
  • The contest actually sparked me to get going with some ideas I already had rolling around. Once the contest was announced, I thought...I need to do this. I did not have a full workable idea still, but lo and behold....the perfect complimentary idea popped into my head one night, and I ran with it. At first I thought I would never have enough material to create a full book, but as I created the first chapter, which sets up the whole piece...the ideas started pouring in. I think I am still going to take it bit at a time, and start working on other chapters...just keep going and see where it leads me. Best of luck to you all. The waiting has begun!
  • Mariana....exactly! What this contest did for me is to motivate me to take the next step. I have had my book "started" for 2 years, but now I feel I am ready to roll! So win or lose, I say we are all winners for putting it out there, and going for it! Anyone that has joined She Writes is a winner in my book because whether you are a blogger, just beginning your book, have published one book or many books.....we are all here because we not only have a passion for writing, we ARE writing, and that, ladies, is a win any day! Amy www.themanyshadesoflove.blogspot.com
  • I'm going to keep my momentum going and pretend that I've won. That means more writing, more editing, more thinking. And, whoever wins, I'm going to follow the advice that the experts give to the winner. Before I went to college as an adult, I used to say, "You know, if I won the lottery, I'd go to college." Slowly it dawned on me that none of those men and women going to college had won the lottery. They just signed up and started attending classes. It was a Nike moment for me. So is this. Most authors write and publish books without the benefit of a contest win and fabulous free advice. If they can do it, I can. We can.
  • Keep writing. Thankfully I'm currently taking an online class to keep me motivated with deadlines. My goal is to have two chapters done this month. We are also going out of town for a week+, and I'm hoping that I am able to write while we're gone!