Help! Trouble with Paypal...
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Is anyone else having trouble getting to Paypal through SheWrites? My submission is ready to go, and I am trying to pay the contest fee. I can't seem to click through to Paypal. :( What email address can I send the money to via Paypal? I'll just log directly onto the Paypal Website if that's easiest... Just want to be sure to get my entry in on time! (4 hours to go! :) Thank you! And good luck to all! What a terrific contest this is! I'm so excited. All my best, Lisa p.s. When I click on the "Add to Cart" button, a button pops up to ask me if I know I'm going to an external site and I click "Yes." I've disabled the pop-up blocker on my computer. Still, it won't bring me to Paypal for some reason... Help. :)
  • That's what I was wondering, but I think the payments are actually sent to a different email address... Because - phew! - I was finally able to login somehow via the Website and that seems to be the case. Paypal indicates that the merchant email is [email protected] just in case anyone else runs into this problem! Then, as Brooke suggested, you could just login to Paypal directly and email the payment to that email address. Anyhoo. All is well! Payment sent! Entry coming! Thanks Brooke and good luck! :) All my best, Lisa