What Blog did you VISIT today?
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Thinking it might be nice to start a thread about what other She Writer Blogs we VISITED - just for fun and to do a little tooting of each other's horns rather than our own. I'm going first, with a note below, and am going to try to check out a different blog at least once a week. Do join me! Meg
  • I laugh everytime I see this Meg, because it is more a question of which blogs I HAVN'T checked out today! I have a hard time saving writing time for myself because I love checking others stuff out so much!
  • Andree - I followed suit and went to Tracy's blog...you're right: it's simply lovely. She's writes beautifully. Thanks for turning me on to that blog, it's definitely on the bookmark list.
  • After watching Chopped on the Food Network with my hubby, who loves that show, we listened to one of the chefs promote his blog.  It is: Grill The Chef and you might really find it interesting!