What Blog did you VISIT today?
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Thinking it might be nice to start a thread about what other She Writer Blogs we VISITED - just for fun and to do a little tooting of each other's horns rather than our own. I'm going first, with a note below, and am going to try to check out a different blog at least once a week. Do join me! Meg
  • Well I visit Lynn's blog from time to time, so I appreciate the reminder. Today's post was poignant. I'm less familiar with Marsha's blog, and now very intrigued, so thank you. One of the blogs I visit regularly is B. Morrison. I really have been enjoying her thoughtful posts on books, and today I had the delightful surprise of seeing her review of my short story collection, SHOES HAIR NAILS.
  • Thank you Meg for visiting Shape of a Mother and for reading my post and recommending it here. This time of the year, the upcoming holiday season, leading to the anniversary of our baby's birth and death I can use all the positive attention I can get.