What Blog did you VISIT today?
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Thinking it might be nice to start a thread about what other She Writer Blogs we VISITED - just for fun and to do a little tooting of each other's horns rather than our own. I'm going first, with a note below, and am going to try to check out a different blog at least once a week. Do join me! Meg
  • Still catching my breath from traveling for a month (much without internet, so no blog visiting!). This lovely and heartbreaking and brave post was recommended on the Mother-Writer thread, and I loved it, too: Scarred for Life on theshapeofamother.com
  • I love the idea of visiting different blogs at least once a week and writing about the visit here. I have gotten out of my blog reading habit lately because of competing priorities but visiting this thread sent me back to my Reader where I happily indulged in catching up. I read a lot of blogs today, but I'll only mention one. Tuckova is written by an editor I once worked for who lives in the Czech Republic. The blog is named for the street she lives on. While this is more or less a personal blog, the style of writing (and thinking) is envious. Sometimes she posts poems, hers or other poets. I love the way she maintains anonymity while also touching on universal emotions and notions. I love the purpose of this thread, so I'll be back to mention other blogs that I visit. ph
  • Which blog? Yours! Waiting to publish, waiting to exhale, lovely to read, Meg, and sigh a bit over. How looooong it takes to bring out a book in the old pages-between-covers-way... "Staying drunk" and going on writing is the best advice anyone could give anyone when publishing happens --- or doesn't happen.
  • Meg, thank you so much for your attention and praise. I am speechless (and that does not happen often) - especially coming from such a gifted author!
  • I've been off on a writing jag so have been remiss in blog-visiting. But today I read She Writer Meryl Jaffe's Departing the Text. The post - about how handwriting engages the brain - is about a subject I'm very interested in in part because my son is disgraphic. It's REALLY smartly written. AND just going to this blog will cheer you up - it's so colorful! Makes me wonder about my own understated blog decor. Time for a remodel?
  • My daily visits to new blogs were to Teen Mama, which I found well written. I have great respect for this blogger, who is taking us along on her journey. Also visited Alexis Moore and I plan to go now to the Pepsi site to vote for the reality show she's involved with. Great blogs!
  • Still moving sloooowly down the index. Today I visited the Afghan Women's project. Very inspiring. I will go back, and also Sincerely Alana. Going back there now to leave a comment.