What Blog did you VISIT today?
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Thinking it might be nice to start a thread about what other She Writer Blogs we VISITED - just for fun and to do a little tooting of each other's horns rather than our own. I'm going first, with a note below, and am going to try to check out a different blog at least once a week. Do join me! Meg
  • Meg! Thank you for this! For some reason I've been having trouble logging into SheWrites and thus couldn't see this comment until now! Thank you dearly for your kind words. So happy to be part of SheWrites and Let's Make it Work!
  • Visited Julie Jeffs's Beginning a Life at 50. And since she tirelessly maintains the She Writes Blogging Group Index of Blogs, I posted a little about it on the main thread, just to say thanks for all she does for the rest of us.
  • I work for a cosmetics company and sometimes I have to write about style trends, so part of my job is reading style blogs. I read three today: this is glamorous, teen fashionista and the sartorialist (though that was more ogling pictures than reading). I haven't read any writing blogs today but I probably will before I log off for the evening. :)
  • I've decided to go down the blog index alphabetically and visit 2 She Writes blogs a day, so today it was It"s Not All About My Mother--really interesting. I will go back Abby Caplin's weblog on personal healing. My best friend has Crohn's Disease and has lived happily and successfully with it for years. Very interesting blog.