What Blog did you VISIT today?
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Thinking it might be nice to start a thread about what other She Writer Blogs we VISITED - just for fun and to do a little tooting of each other's horns rather than our own. I'm going first, with a note below, and am going to try to check out a different blog at least once a week. Do join me! Meg
  • I visited marryinggeorgecloony and darpar. I plan to visit some every day and hope I'll get some visitors, too. By the way, where is the blog index?
  • I visited Melissa Camara Wilkins blog and enjoyed her birth story there. Also visited Laura Didyk's latest post, which was a guest post by Laura Cococcia on the book 43 things. Both great blogs! Also just like to say that if anyone drops by and comments on my new site/blog, I will return the favour and comment back on theirs. Happy blogging everyone! cheers, Monica www.changesational.com
  • I checked out new She Writer Jan Sedaka's Dating Senior Men today - couldn't resist the title. The subtitle: FINDING LOVE AFTER SIXTY. SENSE OF HUMOR REQUIRED. I'm on the younger side of 60, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. The graphic at the top is perfect, too. :-)
  • I also read Amy Ferris' blog every day - Marrying George Clooney. So raw and funny and honest just like her book.