How did you find your agent?
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I'd like to hear how agented writers found their agents. I've been writing letters & emails to the point of receiving compliments but no contracts... any hints??
  • Yes, and the agents who go to the conferences are really looking. When you pitch cold, it's hard to know who's looking and who's already swamped.
  • I found my agent (and my editor) at the PNWA writer's conference in Seattle. A a literary contest finalist, I wore a badge that opened many doors while pitching to agents and editors. I first pitched my memoir to an editor from St. Martins. She seemed very enthusiastic and asked me which editor I had a sit-down pitch with. She then went to that editor to tell her about my project; she actually used the description "dynamite". So before I even sat down with my future editor, Lynn Price of Behler Publications, she'd already heard of me. A month later she offered a contract.

    Meanwhile I also met many agents who asked for fulls. The literary contest badge really helped! When my editor offered me a contract, I sent an email to one of the agents with my full (Kit Ward) and she said yes! she'd love to represent me.

    I did it a little backwards, but within a month of attending the conference I was on my way. This was after pitching many, many agents with a query letter. I have found that a good writer's con is worth the money and time. Agents are there looking for writers. 

    Best of luck to you all.

  • Ditto. And how have your sales been with self-pubishing? We're trying to run some numbers and decide. I think so many writers today are viewing self-publishing as a viable entree to the market.