What have you written this week?
This is where we can list what we have accomplished each day or week to help us move forward in our writing, to encourage one another to work, to hold ourselves accountable with our sister writers, to find a reason or push to write a blog, a book, a play, a paragraph, a thought, a title or in this case a run on sentence. What have you written this week?
  • This week, I wrote an article called Best Resources for Authors 2016 for San Francisco Book Review, which I also shared on my She Writes Blog.

    I also have a deadline with Sacramento Lifestyle Magazine in two days, yikes! Talk about procrastination. I'm going to write a profile piece about a woman named Rev. Jeanie Shaw who not only helps those in her neighborhood, by planting trees and other forms of community service, but she also travels nationwide to help rebuild homes lost to natural disasters. She helped those who suffered from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, she also served alongside Mother Theresa before she died in India and Kolkata. This woman continues to travel and help those in need (she's actually going back to Nicaragua this week to help paint classrooms) so I am happy to tell her story soon.

  • I am working on an article on Why 'You are never too Old to Write.'  I have a place I want to send it. It still needs some work.

  • I'm back! I'm kicking things off on my newly redesigned WordPress blog with a 30-day series on forgiveness. Big developments have happened over the last several months and I just can't keep it to myself any longer. http://tinyurl.com/Forgive1

    Look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance!