Does the city inspire you?
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I didn't grow up in Boston, but I moved here because I fell in love with it. Now I find my best writing happens when I'm out and about -- in the Common, strolling around Chinatown and pushing my notebook against a wall to scribble down a thought, watching people shop on Newbury. So much of Boston is the right combination of beautiful and hectic, and it makes me not just want to write, but need to. Anyone else share these feelings? What parts of Boston or surrounding areas strike you as the most inspirational?
  • Hi Alexandra. I'm from Boston but live most of the year in Osaka, where my husband is from. But I love Boston, and missing it is the part of it that inspires me most to write! Anyway, thanks for starting this group. Tracy PS. I run the Four Stories literary series, so I welcome you (and everyone on the list!) to check it out ( I'll actually be in town for the Sept event (which I think will be on 9/20), so if you make it to the event, pls. introduce yourself to me!