Spiritual Experiences with your child?
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Hi Mamas, I'd love to know if anyone else has had magical moments like this, or is my imagination too active?? http://www.sharnanigans.com/2010/03/the-butterfly-effect/
  • Last Easter when Isabelle was about 4 months old, we went to visit my parents and extended family in Montana. My family all lives in this little town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. It's the kind of place where no one locks their doors at night, and the local high school basketball game on Friday night is the most exciting outing of the week. My parents live directly up the dirt road from my Grandma and Great Grandma who live in what has been affectionately become to be known as "The Grandma House". The dirt road in the alley between the houses has a claim to fame; after a Montana rain storm (they can appear and disappear at any moment) it collects the perfect sized puddles. Not too big, not too small. Perfect for building mud castles and forts. Perfect for hosting an array of creepy crawly things. Isabelle and I were stollering from my mom's house down the dirt road, past the post office to my Grandma's house when out of no where a pure white butterfly circled our heads a few times like a B52 bomber looking for a target, and landed directly in front of the stroller path in a potential mud puddle hole. The white butterfly seemed oblivious to any idea that a stroller wheel was in perfect alignment to crush it's tender little wings. Not that we would have, and the butterfly seemed to know this. Isabelle had never seen a real life butterfly before. I somewhat hurriedly unstrapped her from the stroller praying all the while the butterfly would sit still long enough for Isabelle to get up close and personal. Thankfully, I think the butterfly had the same thing in mind because surprisingly the little creature stayed perfectly still so Isabelle and I could examine it. I was thinking what a magical opportunity this was, due to Isabelle's love of the musical butterfly mobile that entertained her for hours on end in her play pen. She was fascinated with removing the 3 butterfly's from the mobile by their Velcro attachments and examining how exactly they managed to fly around. While we looked at the butterfly, I was considering the zen concept of the butterfly theory. A butterfly flaps its wings, creates a ripple effect, and a tsunami forms off the coast of Japan allowing thousands of dolphins to hang ten. Something to that effect anyhow. The butterfly suddenly took off, circling around us several times before flying off. Isabelle and I were both very impressed. Flying creatures have a pretty magical existence, defiantly worthy of allowing them to stimulate our thoughts of the deeper mysteries of the universe. This one simple act of observing a butterfly with my daughter was a deeper universe in itself. I could see her eyes connect to the butterfly and knew she understood the magical flying things above her head in the play pen were one in the same as this little white thing. How children learn! What an amazing process. How lucky we are to be able to help assist and facilitate in their process! And how lucky we are to gain the spiritual gifts that unfold from being able glimpse into their universe by sharing their eyes. My little parable of the butterfly reminds me how interconnected all life is and to see every potential mud hole as an opportunity for some beautiful mystery to land for target practice.
  • Thanks Alison. I left a message on your post. I guess 'spiritual lesson' is a personal thing really - means something different to each! Thanks for taking a look.