HELP! Technology Challenged!
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This is going to sound ridiculous, but here it goes: I am stuck on how to grab the She Writes badge and add it to my blog. I understand (I think) that I'm supposed to copy the embedded code, but then where/how do I paste that in? I'm on Blogger. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Luckily, another member was able to help me. Thanks to Rhian, I now have a She Writes badge on my website. It's great to have community support.
  • Well heck, I may have to copy this page and frame it because that was likely the first and most probably the last time I was ever able to help anyone with a technology question and not make their issue worse! Whoot! Sorry Judith, I have not a clue about Wordpress, maybe check some for other members who use wordpress for their blog and send them a message specifically.
  • I have the same question, Karen. I use the current version of WordPress and I've googled how to paste a badge and can't find the answer to where to past the code. I hope we both can find the answer.
  • There are no stupid questions as they say. In Blogger when you are in the editing mode, click on layout. Then click on the button that says add gadget (i think that is what it says). Then scroll down the list (it's not too far) where it says html/java and click on that. You will then have a place to name whatever you are adding and then also a box to copy and paste the html code. Then save it and the badge should show up on your Blog page. Let me know if you have any problems. Julie Jeffs