Best Resources in the Library
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As writers, what have you found useful in the library? Are you a fan of the facts found in the reference section? Are you inspired by all the magic and mayhem of the fiction? Or do you simply enjoy the silence and atmosphere? Share all your favorite parts of the library here!
  • As a book lover and begin writer I love the interior of any library! I am so happy to express what a library means to me here. When I walk in I feel so at home, the atmosphere is intriging, the books speak to me and I am at peace. The best ideas flow to me when I am in a library. My love for a library also stems from the lay out of the place. My hometown library was my weekly hang-out in the evenings. I walked the entire library floor and knew exactly where to find any book I needed, so I never had to use a card catalog. This place was my home and you do know your way around your home.

    I have always had my very own personal library at home which consisted of a large collection of books on various subject matters. I bought books and packed them in my shelf for later, then when I had a personal problem I would go to my best friend for advice, and the book surely came through for me. My favorite section of the library is the metaphysical section, and then of course the fiction section where you can get lost in a victorian era novel and pretend that you are a lady being courted by many suitors.

    There is nothing more influencing than growing up with the original Grimm's Fairy Tales Collection and reading that stuff every afternoon after school. The old hardcover Grimm's that I once read as a child is now selling for $118.00 on Amazon. When the world kicks you in the face, your books will put you back on the right track.

    My latest reading pleasure are novels written by Anne Perry, a cannot put down type of novel with ongoing characters in every new novel, very impressive story telling style. I also enjoy Paul Saul and Robin Cook!  

  • Hi Colleen! I'm the same way--just walking through the library seems to inspire me!