Hope to see you at my next webinar: Building Your Writing Business
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Hi all-- I wanted to tell you about my webinar coming up on March 3, called “Building Your Writing Business.” It is self standing, but also a follow up to my webinar “Becoming a Writing Coach/Consultant” that I did last October and which many of you attended. This one focuses on the challenges of communicating the value you bring so that you can get the prices you want for your services. Hope to see you there! Sign up by clicking on the webinar listing on the homepage. Building Your Writing Business DATE: March 3, 1-2pm ET FORMAT: Live webinar, with download available after the event INSTRUCTOR: Shari Cohen Are you effectively communicating the value of your services and linking them to the prices you think you're worth? Do you have to invent your "pitch" every time? Are you confident of what it is? Does it come across in your conversations and in your written and online materials? The second in a series on recession-proofing your career as a writer, this webinar will show you how to hone a good positioning statement about who you are, the value you bring, and specifically what you offer. A strong pitch, the first tool to build your business as a writing coach/consultant, is crucial in networking and platform building. Take-aways from this interactive webinar include: •Learn how to articulate clearly what you offer and the value you bring to the table. •Jumpstart the process of creating or upgrading your materials: how you answer the question "tell me about yourself," in one-pagers about your services, and on your website. •Lay the groundwork for linking the value you believe you have to the prices clients will pay.