Free Caption Competition
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Ladies, you have less than two weeks to provide Oscar Wilde with something to fill his empty head for the chance to win a moleskine at It's an essential part of any writer's wardrobe and could just be the start of that book you've been meaning to write your entire life. Good luck!
  • OK, I am really confused here. When I first went to the website to check it out, I ended up at a site I was out of the UK, but I got to looking jobs and opportunites which they had different things you could submit your writting, but my stupid- I clicked out of it when I went to click out of my mailbox and accidentally hit close all tabs, I have a bad habit of hitting enter but anyway I had to try three more times before I ended up in another writing site, somehow I ended up in the msn investment page twice, fox sport and finally found a site called The Fine an editorial consultant site but can't get to the first site I was in and can't figure where I'm supposed to go. Just wondering why isn't the link clickable,,, not that I'm complaining but it would make it so much simpler for somebody whose technology impaired. LOL.