2010 Writing Resolutions
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I started a similar thread in our screenwriting group and thought it might be nice here as well. If you like, post your personal writing resolutions here for the world to see. You'll be more likely to keep them when shared plus, as an added bonus, you can check back here mid-year to remind yourself of where you wanted to be with your working life. /djw
  • It's mid-year, ladies. How are we doing on our resolutions? Anyone have goals they met or exceeded? Some you're still working on and making headway? Keep us all inspired and share, will you? djw
  • Happy New Year everyone! My writing resolutions this year: - Stop doubting myself and just write - no hesitation - Remind myself there's always the re-write (it doesn't have to be perfect) - Focus on one or two things at a time instead of ten! I'm great at starting new ideas, but need to work on finishing them. I actually just started a little project called (25) Days of Scriptwriting (blog post about it here: http://tr.im/JOLC). By February 1st, my goal is to have at least a draft of a finished script. I guess I'll be putting my resolutions to the test with this project...
  • Ok. I'll post. I want to focus. More narrowly. On, say, one thing (again). For a considerable length of time. That's all. I can do that, right? I miss that. /djw
  • My writing resolutions: 1. To finish editing Sheltering Spaces: Stories of hope lost and refound. 2. To finish the first draft of: Passion. Purpose. Impact. Living a life of meaning now. by September 30 3. to get up an hour earlier to make room for meditation before writing and now to the real resolutions: to challenge my assumptions to live every moment on the edge of reason, beyond the walls of my comfort zone to quit taking myself so seriously! Oh -- and to quit playing Spider Solitaire
  • My resolution is modest: Breathe. I generally write in the spaces between caring for my kids, 10 minutes here, maybe an hour there. There's not much time to move from mode to the other. So I resolve, at least, to breathe before writing!
  • Great thread, Diane. My first writing resolution: I will dedicate at least one hour per day to my fiction work. I've always found it difficult to make myself sit in my home office after eight-plus hours of communications work and the accompanying commute. Now that I'm at home, I hope this will get easier. My second resolution: Finish that novel by April 30, 2010. As an editor, I have a terrible habit of re-editing my own work.... over and over and over again. I am making myself get the entire story down first, before I begin the 10,000 rewrites. My third resolution: Get better at selling my work. I really hate this part, but ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do. I think these will be huge challenges for me, but I'm determined! jp