I'm new to She Writes
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Hello everyone. I'm new to the She Writes community and was browsing through the groups. I occasionally write about religion, belief systems, and the view of women. I didn't see a description about what Science and Spirit generally included and I was wondering if this would be the most appropriate group for me to join and discuss issues regarding religion and the view of women. Is the Science and Spirit Group geared toward Science and Religion or what would be the general topics discussed? Just curious. Thank you. Millie.
  • When I started this group, I had all things scientific and spiritual in mind, but especially the spiritual experience of science. I mean that in the largest sense: I am awestruck by the billions of billions of stars in the universe, down to our own solar system, down to our newly found, 4 billion year old ancestor "Ardi," down to the enzymes that moniter and rearrange DNA strands in cells, down to the hidden Higgs particle. Please join the group, add something to this proposition, or start a discussion of your own!
  • Hi, I should think that anything that fits the title can be discussed. Sounds like your blog is right up our alley.