Upcoming webinar -- "Becoming a writing coach/consultant" -- check it out!
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Hi Essay writers-- I wanted to tell you about my webinar coming up on October 1 called “Becoming a Writing Coach/Consultant” It is for all you accomplished writers with robust careers who now want to navigate these uncertain times by branching out and developing additional income streams. My specialty is helping accomplished people redirect their talents, their creativity and develop their entrepreneurial spirit. I’m now a leadership coach/consultant/writer, having gone through my own reinvention from my earlier incarnation as an academic! You can find out more about me and the workshop over in the “She Needs Help” section of She Writes and sign up there too. Hope to see you there! Becoming a Writing Coach/Consultant DATE: Oct 1, 1-2pm ET FORMAT: Live webinar, with download available after the event INSTRUCTOR: Shari Cohen The first in a series on recession-proofing your career as a writer, this webinar will help you navigate the future as a writer in these economically uncertain times. Perhaps you are already trying to make the transition from staff writer or freelancer to something that offers you more financial security, and wondering how can you expand your impact and your financial security at the same time. How can you continue to do the work you love in a new environment, one in which so many of the rules have changed? In this workshop you'll begin to learn tools and tricks for developing yourself as a writing coach and consultant. This webinar will include some self-assessment to discover your niche, and reframing and expanding your own thinking and professional identity as you serve more and different clients. Subsequent webinars in this series will focus on the business side, market testing to discover the needs of your prospective clients, and practical tools for working as a writing coach. Take aways will include: a. Learn what other writers are doing and where the needs are b. Assess your unique strengths and how these can be translated into services that clients will buy c. Develop a vision for the broader impact you want to have d. Reframe your thinking and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit