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Thank you Diane for the congrats! I'm really excited. I've heard that a lot of the semi-finalists get contacted by agents and managers, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I thought I'd start a discussion rather than clutter the main page with loglines. "Bible Con - A Mockumentary" Every year a convention is held in celebration of the Bible where Christians gather to buy Holy Merchandise, compete in costume competitions and reenact the Crusades. This year, the keynote speaker is an atheist, the Con is surrounded by protesters, and the competitors dressed as Jesus and Mary Magdalene are falling in love...
  • I've absolutely never done this but I'll just say it and then go dry-heave: I guess I can describe my concept for the tv pilot with the following examples: Oz meets Dollhouse and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And in my mind, I know that's so lackluster and thematically inaccurate, I want to punch myself. I hate summarizing until I get it just right, which is difficult to do with something on which you're somewhat mum, so there you have it. :D
  • I actually don't want to direct, I have a director in mind (although I'm open to whatever it takes to get it made). I'd love to picture edit, which is what I do currently as a day job. I can't think of any Writer/Editors, but, you know, there's always a first. I don't really have any connections to reps and, as much as I've tried to inform myself, I just don't know enough to say "I should call this person!"
  • Hilarious! Are you planning to direct then? And why wait? If there's a rep you're excited about, pick up the phone! I'm adapting a sci-fi novel where two women struggle to survive after a apocalyptic event and find--for good and bad--that they are not alone. Not an actual logline, I know, but what can I say? I'm under contract so that's all I may divulge. Hope more of us share. It's interesting to feel the rumblings of our writing minds as we collectively churn the words. /djw