Fears that come from your writing
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Today I started feeling some fears about my new book and the final edits. So I decided to write some six word memoirs. See mine below. Share whatever fears you have that come from your writing in six words. Storms come.Tears pour. Exposed vulnerabilities. Why am I so scrared now? Am I about to self sabatoge? The answer is surrender right now. I let go and sit with fears. I see them as they are. I welcome them into my heart. I keep sitting without an agenda. I just sit without running away. The lesson is to just be.
  • Always seeing stories in my head.

    Always seeking plots that sell big.

    Always moaning about time too short.

    Always fearing to see the end.

  • I could fix a brilliant manuscript.

    Poetry hasn't made money for centuries.

    What about the memoir bottled inside?

    Maybe my life isn't that special.

    I have a lot to offer.

    Perhaps I'm afraid of the rejection.

    Never will know until I try. 

  • Write a book - who, me? No!

    Why me? Why not me, really?

    Need to shoot my own demons

    Then the pen shall be free.