Discovering Self Through Six-Word Memoirs - Several Exercises To Get You Started
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Hi All, Below is an excerpt from my new book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman's Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (September 2009 - available on I hope the exercises help jumpstart your six-word memoir journey! Let me know what you think about them. Enjoy! Peace and Creativity, Ananda Copyright 2009 by Madelyn C. Leeke - Discovering Self Through Six-Word Memoirs The following six-word memoir exercises are based on the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning – Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure edited by SMITH Magazine. For more information, visit 1) Select four topics from the list below. Write two six-word memoirs for each area. Take two minutes to write each six-word memoir. -State of Being and Personal Reflection -Ancestral Origins -Family Connections -Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Age, and Gender -Professions -Spirituality and Healing -Popular Culture Labels -School Affiliations -Organizational Memberships -Socioeconomic Status and Residence -Political Affiliation 2) Select one of the six-word-memoirs and begin writing a response to the following statement: what I really want to say about this six-word memoir is (fill in the blank with your own words). Don't censure your words. Don't read them. Just keep writing without stopping your pen for ten minutes. 3) Take five minutes to read over your writing and circle any words or phrases you feel a strong attraction to. 4) Take five minutes to examine the words or phrases. Write down how three of the words or phrases reflect your personality, choices, or life experiences. 5) Take five minutes to write nonstop about how these writing practices affected you. 6) Take three minutes to read your writing. 7) Take five minutes to write about any new discoveries you made about yourself through writing.
  • Sweet wisdom! LaTonya said:
    Age is more than a number

    Age is more time more opportunity

    Middle years are round and full
  • AMEN. I love this memoir. It is a gratitude affirmation for me. Tyou for sharing. Angelia said:
    My six word memoir for today:
    I lived thankfully all day long
  • Age is more than a number Age is more time more opportunity Middle years are round and full
  • A treasure trove of insight revealed. The circling of my hungry soul. Reaching beneath my darkened soul, gently. Alive deep inside, lonely, afraid outside.
  • Yeah that is true abundance. Kamy Wicoff said:
    How about:
    More is more. Share your knowledge.

    Ananda Leeke said:
    Here's my six-word memoir for today: Women birth a creative sisterhood community.

    What's yours?
  • This feels like a great t-shirt. LindaLowen said:
    Today's entry: Bloggerism - I think, therefore I link.

    I used to do a haiku blog, but once I started blogging for a living, all my fun blogs fell by the wayside. I'm glad this group exists to get me back on track doing a few small things for myself and my sanity. All work and no play...
  • I love it. I feel that way about my book edits. Lindsay Price said:
    For today it would be....:

    Reading curriculum equals cross-eyed excitement.