What does it take to be Latina
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Being Latina is not for the faint of heart. It takes more than a coke and a smile to emerge from a Latina family. Latinas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are a unique breed and these stories, legacies must be told so generations of Latinas who follow us can thrive. In my family, there is a rich history of strong Puerto Rican women. These women were single parents before the term was coined. They left abusive husbands and raised children on their own. There also was strong opposition to my parent's wedding. Whelita, my father's mother, opposed it because my mother was a black Puerto Rican. My father was a white Puerto Rican with really tight, kinky black hair, that's right, an afro. So tell me about you and your background. Who are you and what has shaped who you are. I'm willing to bet you're not alone. More questions to ponder: What is your recipe for who you are? What made you "la senora guapa" inside and out? What obstacles did you have to overcome? How bad/good was it? Share a favorite family axiom or two. What made you a wise Latina? Elevate your fellow Latinas with your words of experience, strength, wisdom, hope. Let these posts be the beginning of your next book, novel. Go ahead. Digame! Emiliana Martin Group owner