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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!
  • Welcome to the group, Gail! We don't seem to have much action here, but you might want to look into joining PWAC. they have a family active QC chapter. I'm a Manitoba member. See for more info, and best of luck with your writing.

  • Hello fellow Canadian writers! I'm Gail and I am currently living in St-Armand, Quebec. I'm actually from the states (shhhh!) but I am married to a Quebecoise and have permanent residency status in Canada. I have my own business doing freelance commercial copywriting which I enjoy and I also teach English Composition at the Community College of Vermont, but my passion is creative writing. More than half of what I write would be classified as creative nonfiction but I also write short stories, plays, and poetry. I've been published in magazines, literary journals, and a few anthologies but have not written my first book yet (I'm working on pulling together short pieces about motherhood and will focus on this in my upcoming residency in September at Soaring Gardens Artist Retreat in Pennsylvania). Here are my websites: Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  • Hi Diane and everyone: I am so pleased to be connecting to a community of women writers! My own writing started over five decades ago when I began writing poetry. I continued a little throughout the turbulent teen years and on into my twenties. I was staying in New Zealand when my first poem was published. 

    Lots of time went by and then in the '90's I ran into a woman poet named Linda Stitt, twenty years my senior and a veteran of being on stage. She wanted to read and perform only her own words as did I so we formed a duet, then a trio of poets with Cecilie Kwiat, called Uncritical Mass. Cecilie was a fine meditation teacher and spent more time with that. She told me she wrote her poems on the minds of her students and since I was her first student, I believed her! 

    Linda and I published a second book by the two of us called Bliss Pig still available on Amazon. Then I turned to prose and last year, September 2014 published The Stain, available at 


    I am a member of the Writers Circle of Durham Region where I offer writers an opportunity to be on local radio, on my show called Off the Top which I am slowly learning how to produce on my own. My tech wiz Gary Burke is an amazing mentor, and computer whiz and any day now I'm sure his valuable info will sink in and I'll be able to connect the right clicks to the correct audio files!

    I am currently working on a nonfiction piece, a small book or long article called Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind about the parallel between Medicine Buddha meditation practice and neuroscience. Sounds much more erudite than it is. It's written to be read not archived! 

    I have also written the next to last draft of my memoirs My Impossible Life which I hope to publish late this year. 

    I also hope to hear from you to learn more about who is doing what in this valuable community. Thanks for the opportunity and cheers to all! 

  • Nice to 'meet' you, Gail. Sorry I can't help you with Orca. I chose to self-publish my latest book. What a ride that has been! If you like chocolate and are interested in travel, you might like to check it out at It makes a great gift! Happy holidays and welcome to the group.

  • Hello All,

    Although I am presently living in Ohio, I am a Canadian and former Toronto resident, so I would like to keep up with Canadian writing and writers. 

    At the moment I have one children's book and one YA novel that I'm sending out to publishers - considering sending the YA novel to Orca.  It's a partly historical work.  Has anyone worked with Orca? 

    As well as being a writer, I also do storytelling - which is, in fact, my favourite art form.  No, it's not reading to children, it's oral literature, and I love telling to adults.  Check out my Web site for more info.

    I'm glad to be here on She Writes.

  • Hello, Sonja. Welcome to SheWrites. I also live in Vancouver.

    By the way, I have a book presentation of my first novel on Sept 17, 7pm, at the Jewish Public Library at the JCC in Vancouver (950 West 41st Ave). If anyone from this group lives in Vancouver or visits Vancouver on that day, I'd be glad to see you there.

  • Hi Deb, Nice to meet you. A fellow Ontariariarioian. I linked us on twitter and 'liked' your facebook author page. Perhaps you could like mine in return at That would be cool. I must admit I miss home. I'm from Oshawa but spent most of my life out on friends' horse and dairy farms so I think of myself as a rural girl. Had a horse for 24 years till she died, plus cows and a sheep. I kept them as pets. What can I say. Yes, Nathan Fillion is a cutie, isn't he, as is Ryan Reynolds. Been watching Ryan since he was a youngster. We have some pretty hot Canadian boys out there in the forefront of the entertainment world. We seem to breed 'em cute.Ciao for now, Lynne