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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!
  • Hello my name is Allison is what my name tag would say if we were meeting in person. I am a Canadian Writer and stay at home mother to two very active boys both under the age of 5 years old. I reside in Surrey, British Columbia where I grew up. I started writing when I was 8 years old and have been writing as a hobby ever since. It was only after the birth of my youngest that I decided to give writing as a career a go. Fiction writing is my passion and I am currently working on a suspense thriller. I have written a children's book and am currently preparing it to be sent to find a publisher. I am also taking the Comprehensive writing course through the Writer's Bureau. I look forward to getting to know other Canucks like me. Take care Allison
  • Hi everyone I'm a 40-something mother of four shamelessly indulging in the Island life here off the west coast of British Columbia. I'm a writing-hopeful in that I've recently "retired" from my career as a psychiatric nurse in order to seriously pursue my dream of writing (and hopefully being published). I just love this site. Even though, unlike the vast majority, I have only recently embarked on this journey full-time, I have already absorbed so much invaluable advice and tips from all you experienced authors. Thanks so much..and nice to meet you all! Cheers Jackie
  • I started writing in 2001. I was working on a Masters in Education at OISE/University of Toronto and took an elective course in Narrative Writing. I thought this would be something to help me help make my students better writers but never imagined that we, the students, would have to write 8 original stories ourselves. I thought about dropping out and then thought no, I'll at least give it a shot and see what happens. I'd never written anything before other than long letters and epic emails but fell in love with the process and before long couldn't think about anything else. I joined Alex Keegan's Boot Camp (online writing school) out of the UK and it was tough but he helped me move from being someone who wanted to be a writer to someone who was actually writing, winning contests, getting published and starting to view herself as a writer too.I have stories in 3 different anthologies, all of which are really memoirs but they do read like fiction and have been pubbed as such. Still, sometimes people say some of the details are so implausible that such things could never happen in real life. Ha! They've all happened in real life - my life. I live in Toronto now after living in the bush for 10 years a few hours north of here, teach ESL, do some writing and editing and would like to get back to writing on a more consistent basis which I haven't done for the last few years.
  • Lydia. Your site looks like tons of fun to create. Wendy, I think you've just put us all to shame...and if you haven't, your son has. Welcome all. Let's make this group a haven for us all, shall we? /djw
  • Hello fellow Canadian writers! I'm a little late posting my introduction, but here goes: I live in Toronto and have only lived away in Guelph for university for three years during which time I studied Psychology, nothing to do with actual writing, but does lend a hand in observation and character I suppose. I've just started taking a few classes at Gotham ( and am learning loads of stuff to help my writing. I've always wanted to write since I was little and started stories all the time and even a soap opera once at 14 years old (because I thought I knew all about love, romance, medical drama and coma's at 14) but sadly I haven't done anything about it until now. But it's my time and I've been working on a novel for the last few years. I'm mostly done my first draft and am starting a huge edit, my first one - and it's so daunting! I signed up here for inspiration and to build a network because this can be a lonely job at times! My genre of choice for writing is chick lit which is what I adore reading and love how it makes me laugh and I hope to provide those laughs to readers at some point soon! I also run a website with my best friend where we review books - mostly chick lit, but do some other contemporary women's fiction too (or anything else we're interested in reading really). Check us out if you have a spare moment or are looking for something amusing to read: or have any suggestions for us. I look forward to spending time on here and getting to know everyone!
  • Hi all! I'm glad to have stumbled upon She Writes and this group. I'm in Nelson, B.C. where I homeschool my 4 boys. I'm coming back to writing after taking a bit of a break. Let's see: I'm 42, originally from southern California, just finishing my M Sc in Mental Health Counseling and just starting to think about working as a writer again. A few years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to start a print magazine. Within weeks of finalizing my decision, I found out I was pregnant with child number 4...I stuck it out, did my best with the project, but finally realized that I couldn't be the mother I needed to be to 4 "spirited" boys and handle a project as big as Porch seemed to need to be. Unfortunately, I had to stop before I was able to really do what I wanted to do with it. Because of that, I think I'm a little sheepish as I come back to the writing table. Humbled, I guess. My second son and I attempted Nanowrimo this year. He "won" and I got as far as page 60 and had to call it a day. I now have 2 unfinished novels under my belt. I love writing. I love editing. I love language. I really miss the art, craft and science of it all. I'm looking forward to diving back in and working. I just redid my writing website to reflect that I've stopped "playing" and made it a bit more serious. I'm looking forward to 2010 and jumping in again.
  • Hello! I'm sitting in sunny and not as chilly by half as it was (only -10 today instead of -20!) Calgary. In my day life I work at a job I love. I am the director of communications for a very large homeless shelter here -- and I get to write lots in my job -- about the people we serve, the people I work with and the stories of homelessness that resonate at the soul of our human condition. I am currently working on a book of my over 200 articles I've written of my work in this sector. Shelter Spaces: Stories of hope lost and refound. -- I mostly write human interest stories. some of them have appeared as Op-ed pieces for the Calgary Herald. All of them appear on my blog: as well as the agencies blog: And along the way I've had an amazing and blessed life. I've always written but didn't have my first piece published until I turned 35 when I had a panic attack realizing I was half way there... not sure what the half way was though. I panicked that I wasn't writing, picked up the phone and called the editor of the Sunday Magazine in the Herald and pitched a feature story on German POWs who had been interned during the second world war here in alberta only to return at war's end to live. Lo and behold, on that one phone call, my writing career took off. Even more shocking to me was with his yes, I had to go out and find myself some German POWs -- and I did. And I kept going. Love the personal essay format. Love the social issues. And through it all, I became a mother of two amazing daughters. Worked as a Director of Investment Relations for a pubco., divorced, found myself and then lost myself in an abusive relationship that tore apart my life and my relationship with my daughters. On May 21, 2003 I awoke from that five year nightmare with 72 cents in my pocket, a few clothes and my erstwhile golden retriever who had stood beside me through the terror and the sorrow of that relationship. Since he was arrested on May 21 I have reclaimed all that was lost and so much more. I wrote a book about my experiences, The Dandelion Spirit. A true life fairy tale of love, lies and letting go. It was self-published and now languishes. Recently, Morgan James publishing sent me a contract as they want to publish it -- does anyone know or have experience about their form of publishing? It's not 'traditional'. they call themselves entreprenneur publisher. And it costs -- but the royalties are higher. etc. Any insight, advice would be greatly appreciated. And through it all I keep writing. Along with my book of homeless stories, I contribute regularly to Those articles all pertain to living a beautiful life after leaving an abusive (sociopathic/psychopathic relationship) I have been very blessed. My daughters and I are reconnected. We experience forgiveness and joy and love everyday. and we all agree -- the experience was hell but our lives are richer and more vibrant for it. My goal for 2010 is to finish editing and to find a publisher for Sheltering Spaces. I have written a screenplay. Two novels. The screenplay, written in 2007 was optioned by Kicking Horse Productions but never got further -- it was about a young girl who runs to the street and finds herself again at a group home -- gritty and dark, it also spoke of hope, of reclamation of spirit, of the human condition. I'm still really proud of it. As part of my research into teen prostitution and street life -- I wrote two plays with a group of teens which were produced as part of a concert I organized to support a teen shelter -- I spent several months going out once a week with two vice cops. One day, one of the sergeants of the department suggested I needed to go eyeball to eyeball with a john to truly understand what these girls go through. So I did. Stand out on the street as a hooker. I was protected by two plainclothes cops, but it didn't matter. I was terrified. Whew. So, that's some about me. I actually submitted a blog here today about my writing experience this past year. Looking forward to getting to know you and to sharing what stirs us, shakes us up and creates writing works for all of us!
  • Hi Katherine! Nice to see a familiar face join the group. We'll have to catch up by email. I look forward to checking out Page Forty-Seven. Happy New Year, Kathy