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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!

    AWESOME to the Frommer's!  :-) Newfoundland is fantastic! But so isolated, I pay more to get a taxi from St. John's to Mt. Pearl than I do to take the train to France or Switzerland!


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  • Welcome to the group, Sherrie! I'm new here myself. (Just joined this week.)

    Love your home turf. I'd actually co-authored the 1st edition of Frommer's Newfoundland & Labrador back in '03.

    Sounds like you're having some amazing adventures abroad! I've left a comment for you on your travel blog. Like you, I have a travel blog & a writer's blog. Gemini by chance?  



  • Hi everyone! I joined the group and then was internet less for 3 days!  So here is my belated intro!

    I am a Newfoundlander living in Germany and currently in Thailand. I am finishing off my first book (to be self published by choice) on my motorcycle trip through Iceland last summer. I also write a bi-weekly column, Chasing Summer, about my round the world by motorcycle trip. Although it is more riding home than around the world, but a very convoluted way home!


    At the moment my writing is travel memoir, but I dabble in fiction. I just feel much more comfortable in the non-fiction stuff! Or perhaps it would be more honest to say I am more comfortable sharing the non fiction stuff.



    travel blog:

    and writer's blog:

    and Twiiter: SherrieLynnMcC



  • Hello everyone... I'm new to this thread! I hail from Toronto (born in Thunder Bay) and I currently live in the south of Italy in a village in the mountains near Cava dei Tirreni where I have a small B&B out of my home called My Salerno Apartment . I am currently editing (trying to!) my first manuscript - a memoir that is based on my blog (If you have a look, please excuse gross spelling errors!) it was started solely to keep me organised ( and for fun) and only recently did I get more serious and put the material together in a manuscript. I look forward to reading more posts on the threads here and feel free to add me as a friend. cheers!
  • Hi Mara: I do plan to have another conversation with Amazon about the ridiculousness of not cross-posting reviews between Amazon's .co, .ca and .uk. I did have one conversation with someone in the rank and files, but have been encouraged to take the argument higher. Perhaps you might like to try the same. I may also mention it to the boards at PWAC and TWUC to see if writers' orgs might have more clout in making the point. Perhaps ASJA (or other US-based orgs) may be willing to make the point?

    So unfortunate about Joseph Schmidt. Making chocolate is a totally personal experience. One either feels it or they don't. The passion can't be forced or faked, which is why some people just can't make the same grade of chocolate as some of the masters. The good thing is that there are many amazing chocolate makers/chocolatiers out there who are worth seeking out. I'm happy to say that's my job and I plan to stick with it for several years to come.


  • Thanks for the link. I had previously searched by both title and name and came up with nothing. Now I can (and will) order. I understand the cross-border frustration with Amazon. I experience exactly the same thing. It is totally embarrassing to have more reviews of my novel set in Nunavut from Americans than Canadians--even though Farley Mowat himself declared it to be the best novel ever written about The North!

    Please do connect with me when you come to California. My only regret (personally and on your behalf) is that the best chocolate store on earth, which was only 2 blocks from my SF home, has vanished. Joseph Schmidt was a brilliant Austrian-born chocolatier. He created mouth-watering chocolates that would wake you up in the night wishing for more, as well as shaping them into the most amazing structures: replicas of the TransAmerica Pyramid building to delicate tulips to boxes to hold truffles. At Valentine's Day and Easter, there would be an hour-long line at his door. Alas, Joseph finally decided it was time to retire, got bought out by Hershey (!), and subsequently disappeared. Hershey carried on for a while, but soon his original store was bought by another small-scale chocolate maker, but the loyal customers vanished, and is now it is a sandwich shop. Sigh. So, I might have to accompany you on your research of new sources of killer cacao in northern California's most important Gourmet Ghetto.

  • My Goodness, Doreen, who knew all of this was going on in Matlock? We have things in common: born and raised in Winnipeg;love of travel, chocolate, and non-profit boards; love country life and writing!  I adore your "Manitoba Book of Everything" and have given it as a gift to many Manitoba relatives. I'd like to buy your book on non-profit Boards (having been on/presided over/survived several and insanely contemplating a new one--your book sounds like a good review tool before making a decision--but it does not seem to be available on and says it will ship in 1-2 months. Can one buy direct from you?). I live in California now (the wine, the weather), spending half my time in San Francisco and half at my vineyard in the Sierra foothills. My one published novel takes place partly in Winnipeg and Churchill, but mostly further north, in Nunavut, where I lived and worked back in the 1970s. Best to you, and keep on writing, oh wizardofwords.