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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!
  • Hi All


    My husband and I have been living in Washington State for the past four years; we look forward to returning to Canada in two years when we retire. I have a full-time corporate job and in my "spare" time focus on my writing. I have recently completed my memoir and am working with my editor on revisions. I maintain a blog at A Slice of Life Writing and would love to have you all drop by for a visit.


    I look forward to getting to know you all!



  • Hello everyone. I live forty minutes north of Toronto in Ontario on a large dairy farm. I am married with three adult children and two cats. I turned fifty a couple of years ago and it was an amazing turning point for me. I became distracted and unsettled. Was it hormones? I don't know, but I love what came from it. I started writing a story that turned into a romantic trilogy. It's too long for chic lit so maybe it's romance. I search the web constantly for information on editing and publishing. I would really like to see this work published. 

    My writing experience consists of eulogies, obituaries and editing business publications for the farm. As a newbie, I decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. I must admit that it has been difficult to keep it current but I'm trying.

    I work full time on the farm ( office manager and go-fer) and volunteer with charities. I work out at the gym three times a week and this is my place where my ideas come to me as I'm doing cardio or  one more ab crunch. I spend my "free time" on SheWrites, Facebook (Wheel of Fortune), and Authonomy. Other free time is spent travelling and reading. I have an eleven inch laptop that fits in my purse - I don't go anywhere without it. There's always time to write something.


    Today is a great day - we finally finished the spring planting - only three weeks behind schedule.






  • Hello Everybody. I am a 30 something year old full-time Social Worker who was born in Nigeria West Africa and now calls Chatham, Ontario home. I am in the process of selling my debut novel and have started working on the second. I started writing fiction in 2009 and I have never been part of a writers group or taken a writing course. I know that there is a LOT for me to learn and I am hoping this part of my journey would help prepare for a writing career.

    I started writing poetry as a young child and this form of expression remains my first love. I would describe my current writing interests as stemming from a fusion of my passion for social issues/human condition with my love for story telling. I am also interested in learning how to write Middle Grade books and Plays.
    I look forward to getting to connect with other writers who are just starting out like me :)
  • Welcome to both of you! Isabella, I love that I'm your first SheWrites friend. May this community give back to you as much as you put in! As sort of aside, congratulations! We went through 5 years of fert treatments and got nothing but broke. That certainly killed the writing time as well so both sides of the fence take its toll. Now, back to it, right, in whatever form that takes.

    Now writers, its your turn to bring a friend in and start your own discussions here. The best part of our group is that we're all share equally in its life. Welcome!


  • Hi all! I live in North Bay, Ontario. I'm an academic, I suppose, but all I've ever really wanted to be is a writer. In fact I chose to pursue a PhD in literature over going to law school because I thought it would facilitate my writing. Last year I finished my dissertation (and then recovered from said finishing) and I'm now turning my focus to writing. I teach a lot through the academic year, so my summers are precious writing time for me. I'm looking forward to a productive season and to working with all of you.


    It's fitting that I'm following Nina here, because she has introduced me to SW through Women Doing Literary Things. I'm grateful for it.


    So nice to have a community here.



  • Hi Everyone! I live in Candiac, Quebec and work for McGill University in Montreal as an Administrative Coordinator. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but in the past few years I have struggled a lot. About 2 1/2 years ago, my wife and I started an IVF procedure. Lucky for us it worked on the first try! Our beautiful daughter, Madison, was born in January 2010. As you can imagine, my writing fell to the wayside. I really want to get back into it now. I like to write short stories and poetry. I hope to write a novel someday. Some of my poetry appears on (under the name 'Lusaki'). Check them out and let me know what you think!
  • Congratulations on the big leap, Nina! And on your travels. Sounds totally interesting. Hope you're writing about all of it. Welcome!


  • Hello there! I live in Hamilton, Ontario and I'm a freelance writer. I used to be a MBA/banker person, but quit it to spend more time reading and writing. Prior to Hamilton, I lived in Ottawa, England, the US, and India. My recent publications include an interview with Camilla Gibb (for Bookslut), and a piece in about present-day girlie-girl culture. I blog at and I also curate the Women Doing Literary Things blog essay series, which appears here on She Writes as a weekly Wednesday feature too.

    I joined She Writes last month, and I'm very glad to be part of this group; I look forward to getting to know you all!