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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Mara. I know a Farley Mowat fan in the U.S. who will be gald to hear about it. What an honor to be selected for the U of A Alumni Book Club! I am a Guelph grad, myself, but always glad to hear about great news from another province. Best with your book!
  • Hi everyone, I'm a freelance writer in Brantford, Ontario. I write various genres of fiction and have several completed manuscripts undergoing revision; I've had 2 short stories published this past year, both in 'Emerald Tales'. I also have a non-fiction project nearing completion about cat care (I love animals!), and frequently write SEO articles/web content for a Canadian web development company called Lifeline Design. I also edit for Lifeline's blog, and am an editor for the online flash fiction magazine 'Flash Me'. Oh yes, I have my own writing/book review blog too! Aside from that, I'm a dance instructor for Middle Eastern Dance (bellydance) and Bollywood (Indian), so if you're ever in Brantford/KW/Cambridge and want to try some super-fun exercise, look me up! :) I hope to turn my passion for world dance & women's fitness health into some magazine/online articles in the near future as well.
  • Hi--I'm an environmental consultant, writer, painter, and ranch manager living in northern California. I was born in Winnipeg, earned my Master's at UBC, and spent some years living and working in remote Inuit communities on the west coast of the Hudson Bay--the inspiration for my recently published book, "Rankin Inlet: A Novel." Writing a novel was both very rewarding and quite exhausting. Getting it into print was another big job. Trying to handle promotion and distribution in Canada from the US is a bear. I get to Winnipeg frequently and went back to Rankin Inlet last month. One of you bloggers (Patricia M?) is looking for summer reading suggestions, so I'd like to recommend my own novel. Farley Mowat has read it and declared it to be the best novel ever written about The North. Also, it is the only selection in the history of the longstanding U of Alberta Alumni Book Club that was given the thumbs up by all 45 members of the group. So I don't feel too silly tooting! You can see the one-minute book trailer at: Wishing you the best with your writing projects, Mara.
  • Well let's see I am in Canada of course but more specifically I am in Toronto, I am not a pusblished writter I just have a blog I joined in hopes of meeting people in my city, get some advice on writtng, and maybe join a writting group. and of course to share my stories that are published in my blog.
  • Hello, I'm new to She Writes and have been trying to make my way around the groups where I might have something to give as well as gain- hopefully this is one of those. I'm a therapist/consultant in behaviour disorders and post adoption - I see clients in my office in Nanaimo BC and world wide via Skype, phone and email. I have 4 books published through traditional print (not self published)- 3 non-fiction, 1 fiction (that publisher went out of business so the book is *lost*). I have 4 completed manuscripts for 5 fiction books and have decided to try my hand at publishing directly to Kindle - seems like a new direction and something worth trying. I also have 14 children, 8 still at home, 6 grandchildren, and I live on an acreage with my wife and two dogs and 9 chickens. Looking forward to this group and all it has to offer.
  • Hi there, I'm Brenda McCreight from Nanaimo BC. I am an adoption specialized therapist - I see clients in my office and through Skype, phone, and email I''m able to *see* clients world wide. I have had 4 of my books published - 3 non fiction on behaviour disorders and one fiction. I've now got 4 fiction books looking for a publisher. I'm also the mom of 14, 8 still at home, so like the rest of you, not much time for joinging local writing groups so I'm really looking forward to interacting here.
  • Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome Diane. I am a few months late on my reply, but better late than never. :) This is my first post on so I'm pretty excited! I'm a 26-year-old communications professional from a small town in eastern Ontario. I lived in Toronto for seven years for school and work, but returned to my roots last year. I have a journalism diploma and have been working in magazine writing, magazine editing, public relations, marketing and communications ever since leaving school (oh, well, besides a short stint as a server at a Thai restaurant... I envy servers with strong wrists! I was a disaster.). Today, my job involves writing daily (which is awesome!) and I do plan to be better at writing outside of work time as well (i.e. fiction, poetry, etc.). I'm also quite passionate about fitness, health and wellness (when I'm not gorging on chocolate), as well as the handmade community. I'm also around here: It's very nice to meet you all. I'm truly inspired.
  • Welcome Kim and thanks for say hello. What's keeping you from contacting those outlets now? Why not put together a few suitably great ideas and get in touch with those editors? All they can do is say no...or yes! /djw