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Welcome to the lively group for bloggers of all ilks. If you have a blog, please reply to this thread with your full name, blog title, and blog address (if you have one) so it can be added to the Group Member Blog Index. Then take a minute to introduce yourself to everyone in the comment wall on the group's main page (not here as only new members will come to this thread). If you don't yet have a blog, take a few minutes to check out the group's blog index and get inspired. Feel free to start a discussion thread, too, for your particular concerns, questions, or areas of expertise. Thanks for joining! -Laura Didyk outloud
  • Hi there! My name is Kate and my blog is called "The Bro Chick"

    I like to make people laugh as much as I like to make them think :)

    I have another blog (that's slightly neglected at the moment) called "I Have the Crazy" This blog is about living with mental illness and takes a more 'serious' tone.

  • Hi Laura, 

    I'm basically a non-fiction writer with many years of practice (writing every day).

    Come see my blog,"We Didn't Start the Fire" at

    I've seen much blogging on mental health issues recently and I wonder if there's some way to connect - have a virtual summit, classify, etc. Some great new books tell us so much about mental health and social issues. I really enjoyed @liamack Waiting for Paint to Dry, a novel rich in elegant prose and resources. She is from across the pond.

    My dear friend @berylkingston of G.B. had a Kindle debut yesterday with A Family at War. It's not to be missed. Hello to All!

    Mary Ellen Latela ([email protected]) @LatelaMary

  • Hi Fellow Writers:                      


    I'm new here and still learning how to use SHE WRITES.  Nonetheless, I recently posted my first blog on editing and thought to share this article with forum members (see My Page).  Perhaps some of you will find the tips and techniques useful for future blog projects.  No catch, no hype - just sharing as one writer to another...(smile)


    As I struggle to manage the new Facebook page, YouTube update, Google+ , eBook distributors’ pages and website – not including Twitter – I’m not sure if my time management skills are sufficient to set up a blog…(sigh)  I’ve read several articles on the pros and cons of establishing a blog; but not sure if I can manage it all…(another sigh).


    If any bloggers have ideas on how they manage several social media outlets along with blogging, please share when time permits.  Thanks!!


    Connected by the written word,

    Marcia/USA-Atlanta, GA

  • Hi Janet, I write a blog called One World Singles Blog which touches on some of the issues that you have faced. We are always looking for guest bloggers. If you would like to contribute a post, please visit our site and let us know if this would be a good fit for you. I'll be visiting your site, shortly.

  • Hi! I'm Janet Lombardi and I write a money blog,  It's called Romance Your Finances and I started it as a way to write and engage others in a frank discussion of everyday personal finance.

    After absorbing a huge financial blow about 5 years ago (my attorney-husband committed a white-collar crime, was prosecuted, went to prison, and left me holding the proverbial financial bag which I survived and went on to thrive) I knew I could help others shake the fear out of day-to-day money management.

    I have also completed a memoir, Bankruptcy: A Love Story, and am looking for agent representation. 

    The best part about my blog is that I get to share my enthusiasm for gratitude and thanking the universe for my wonderfully abundant life! I am truly blessed.