Getting fired up
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My name is Lois Heise. I have been procrastinating a long time. I can't seem to sit my butt in the chair to write for two reasons: a very busy life and motivation. The last one is leaving home shortly and some animal responsibilities I share with her. This means a little more time for me. I am 58 and write about real life experiences more, but would like to write fiction too. I like your idea about writing your memoir like fiction. And I have always wondered if I could write for the romance novel industry. They are small and short like me. I like to read short articles, books, and the book I am writing now will probably be short. Again, it's nonfiction. I have story ideas, but am not sure which one to start first. I have to find a home for my hot tub article about finally realizing it was a good decision to spend inheritance money on the tub because of how it's affected the whole family. I have one I want to write about my mom, her last 25 days. So, my first step over the procrastination boulder is checking this website often and I wrote my first blog here. I won't know where the journey will take me unless I sit in the chair.
  • I'm very guilty of procrastinating. I'm awesome at coming up with excuses not to write XD Then there are days that I just forget that I even have a writing project waiting for me! I even recently did a whole writing-desk-makeover. Refinished and painted my old desk, set it up, decorated it, the whole shebang. And I've written there once since :/