Not moving......
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HI, Tara here and I am just starting out on writing. I want to write a blog, then i want to write a book, then i want to create a comic but I'M NOT MOVING....I can put my pen to paper but that's where it stops. I have a so called busy life, two kids under two and a busy husband. So if you have any ideas on helping me to push on, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Write what you know. I just moved my last child out of the house a week ago. I am now experiencing the empty nest everyone talks about. I was weepy the first day, but a little better each day after. I now want to write about what it was like helping her dream of owning a horse come true. I have so much to share concerning helping take care of the horse (especially having a fear of them), the pros and cons of being so involved as a parent. I have helped to do chores, rode a roller coaster of emotions including hardships and humor. I want to share the wonderful benefits of cultivating a great relationship with my daughter through it all. I am sure you have similar life experiences you can write about. Take at least 15 to 30 minutes a day to write whatever comes to mind. It's called free writing. Something will catch your eye and you can go more into depth about it. Good luck!