Controlling the Muse
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Hi friends, I relate. I cannot control the Muse. She comes in, brings in her feather duster and wham... I'm off to another brain sparkle. I can't control her or my rabbit. I do art, write, do spiritual practices, psychology and just make things. I'm a psychotherapist and maybe I need one, but honestly this Muse knows what she's doing I think. What is your thinking? Sterling
  • Hello Sterling - I have seriously neglected She Writes - when they transitioned to the new site too many things were frustrating so I waited until they fixed stuff. But hopefully I'm back and will be more engaged (engaging?) My take on this is, I think if you are a creative person, and I truly believe the majority if not all people are creative if we just give ourselves a chance and be open to what is inside us begging to get out, then you will be going in so many different directions. If it feels good, then keep doing it. If something doesn't feel right, maybe it is time to let it go. I often joke to friends that I have adult ADHD (and I understand that for people who really have this it isn't something to joke about) but there are SO many things I want to do in this life and SO many books I want to read and SO many books I want to write, etc., etc. What do you do? You sleep less!