Introduce yourself! What are you working on?
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Hi, I'm Alex. I started this group, because all the other groups relevant to my genre seem to be inactive. I'm a newly-minted indie author of contemporary, multicultural romance and romantic suspense, and I'm hoping to connect with other romance authors. I recently published my debut novel and am currently working on promoting it while also polishing the manuscript for the second book in the series. I'm pretty good at proofreading, so let me know if you need a beta reader or an honest review.
  • Well congratulations to being a published author of a novel! I'm not there yet, I write mostly short stories on a pseudonym blog (not my regular, every day blog) because I don't know how to start getting the word out. :) I look forward to getting to know people in this group.
  • Hello, I'm Shanna. My first novel is with a Beta-Reader, so I don't have much experience or advise to offer, but I am excited to have a group to chat with for romance writing. As for Carina Press, I don't think I have ever looked at them before. Sorry I couldn't be more help!
  • Hi I'm Emily. I write LGBTQ romances. I've got three short stories with an editor now. I'm going to submit to Carina Press for their Dirty Bits line. Has anyone else gone this route?
  • oh sorry. I hit the "enter button" too quickly,. I have since started sharing romantic love quotes and messages as a pre-start to the main goal. I am focused on creating a relationship, love and romance blog right now and intend to grow it to be a resource for all things love and romance. You can see the project here. [not so good with blog design though]
  • thank you for creating this group. I am Joy, from Chicago. Presently I am working on Creating a definitive guide on How to make a healthy relation work and stand the test of times.
  • Thanks for joining the group, Lynn! I'm curious about your book, too, and I appreciate the fact that race and able-bodiedness aren't fetishized. I'd love to read the novel you're working on, too! I love stories involving the performing arts. Music is the theme of my debut novel. Your synopsis is actually pretty good for a “rough synopsis.” I really don’t like writing synopses for my stories, and I’m not so sure I’m satisfied with the one I currently have for my first book. I have to stop myself from rewriting it every time I read it.
  • Oooohhhh, romantic suspense! Thanks so much for starting this group! I, too, noticed the tumbleweed blowing through these parts, hahaha. It's nice to see a living soul afoot! Congratulations on publishing your debut! I'd love to check it out! My debut contemporary romance is out September 20th. It's an interracial romance featuring a disabled hero, and I'm proud of the fact that race amd ablebodiedness are neither fetishized, nor the source of conflict in the story. It's normalized, as it should be. ;) I also really enjoyed writing all the different settings and food, because it's a long-distance love story. I'm currently working on another IR contemporary story, a dance romance! I knew NOTHING about ballet when I started, and though I'm a huge fan of musicals, knew nothing about the inner workings of Broadway, either. So I do a LOT of research, haha. I have a very rough synopsis, which I'll rework so that it has more "voice" when I finish the story (I'm 60,000 words in!): "French prima ballerina Mina Allende is the dance world’s newest superstar. She has her pick of the best companies, but the chance to be a headliner...and escape a ghost from her too tempting to pass up. Zachary Coen has an Emmy under his belt for his daring choreography, and now his sights are set on Broadway. He has his doubts about the troubled Mina, but after seeing her dance, he’s convinced no one else can play his Lady in Red. Teaming up proves more challenging than either of them thought. If they can find a way to melt their icy rapport, their chemistry in and out of the studio could set Broadway on fire." It's currently on Wattpad, though I've done nothing at all to promote it, hahaha. My focus right now is just finishing it by Christmas. ;)