What’s in your writer’s toolbox?
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What are your favorite writing programs, books, websites, apps, resources, etc. that you use regularly to get your work done? Mine are: Google Docs: I wrote my very first manuscript on Google Docs, because I love the autosave function and that I can write from anywhere, anytime (works offline, too). The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression: When one of my beta readers pointed out all the instances of “heart skipped a beat” in my very first draft I knew it was time to improve my ability to express my characters’ emotions. This book really made a difference for me. Canva.com: For an indie author with limited resources, this free online design program is a huge help. It made creating beautiful cover art and social media graphics very easy. Unsplash.com: This is a collection of do-whatever-you-want free HD photos by the world's most generous community of photographers. I regularly use their images for cover design and social media posts.
  • I love Storyist. Most people rave about Scrivener but I never clicked with it. I love Canva too. I also use Evernote and just download Bear. It's like Evernote but is free. I have to check out Unsplash.