accountability and feedback
Hi Writers, You dear souls may be looking for someone to read your work and give some gentle but useful criticism. I think we're all looking for that. I finished a masters in writing last year and was so productive while I was in school because I had accountability and feedback. How do we find that in the world beyond school. I'll read your if you read mine?
  • @ Tanya Mutreja Hi Tanya It may have been too long now, you may have moved on, but if I were you I’d still appreciate some feedback so, here you go. You topic is certainly something that doesn’t get enough coverage, so it’s nice to see this material getting out there. Some minor grammar issue – “Parenting is hands down one of the toughest jobs in the world, especially in the 21st century when raising a child is nothing short of constructing a building – brick by brick.” I believe “hands down” ought to be set off with commas. There are some other comma errors too. I use to find stuff like this in short order. I find it to be a great resource. Also in your opening paragraph “a feat that every parent desires for” is kind of an awkward phase. Definitely read your work aloud to find stuff like this. You don’t mention Indian society until the very end. It might be better to mention that earlier as it throws the reader for a loop when you introduce a new idea at the end of the work. I hope some of my ideas help you.
  • Yes, I would like to try that. Do see my article here-
  • I was the same way in college seven years ago. I was fired up the first six months after graduation. I admit I am lousy at accountability because I don't put myself first anymore like I had to in college. I let life happen to me instead of making my life happen. A writing group that you don't have to leave home to attend would be good. The only deadlines I have are the ones I create. If I don't create them because I am too busy doing everything else, I become stale and inactive.