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Hi! I am looking for a group for writing accountability and connection for check ins on where we're all at. I'm part of another group in my coaching world where we have a 1 hour call every 4 weeks and each have 10 plus minutes to simply share where we're at in our lives, with aspirations and goals, and anything else that needs a safe place to be shared. The group can offer supportive comments when the participant is done which came about naturally. It's a place to say things safely out loud without unsolicited feedback, be quietly accepted and supported and move on to the next person. I'd love to have something like that for writing. I'm not feeling the need to read my writing or be critiqued at this point but I would love to be able to share some of the angst and be accountable to hit my goals! My current book has been way too long in the coming and it WILL be published in 2018. That's visioning and positivity at work! :) (My business is called Happiness Is A Skill and rewiring your brain with positivity is part of what I teach, it's big in happiness and so much more!) By the way, I self published Growing Home through Create Space on Amazon about 4 years ago. That's a fable and now I'm writing a workbook. I tried forming a writers group in my local area and it's not really working for what I've described here. What do you think? What goes on in WoNaNoWrimo? Thank you for your attention!! Jane