Have you attended any Writers Conferences and/or Retreats Recently?
Good Afternoon Writers!! I am fresh off a writer's conference this month. Have you attended any writers conferences or retreats recently? If so, what are some of your takeaways? Did anything surprise you about the conference or the retreat? Please feel free to share your experiences here. Write on! Phyllis
  • Victoria, I agree wholeheartedly. I have attended the Muse and Marketplace conference for the last few years in Boston. Every time I learn something, meet new and returning writers and get inspired to write more. I am glad you are putting yourself out there and investing in your writing craft. Phyllis
  • Some can be wonderful, energizing and uplifting, but some can be snarky and in-crowd snobbish. To my shock and surprise after having such a great experience at Mendocino Coast Writer's Conference in 2017, 2018 was a bizarre nightmare. People are funny I guess, and you just never know who you may be thrown in with. But overall, I think it's mostly a good thing to get out there and meet other writers, teachers, and agents. Get all the information you can. Sometimes you might make a few real friendships that last much longer than the conference itself.