Amazing Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable
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A wedding event is something everyone wants to have especially because it is a period when one is hooked up with his spouse. It is a time of celebration and the wedding couples invite their different families and friends to come over and celebrate with them. Have you done your own wedding, it’s good. I’m sure you enjoyed it. You had lots of food and drinks and dance and fun on that great day. If you are yet to wed, or you are an event organizer like the Unique Wedding Venues Rochester or you are planning your own wedding, we have a few tips for you. Here are some things you can include while planning your wedding party in order to make it unique and memorable. 1) Have an awesome art: Instead of the traditional and regular way of having guests sign a guest book, you can also hire an artist to design a kind of kids play station where your guests can paint on a canvas. Imagine how cute your wedding guests will putting on those painter’s smocks. 2) Embrace the Social Media: Have you thought of creating a hash-tag for your event? It’s very nice and has many benefits. I once attended a wedding event in which the couples’ had a hash-tag for the event. After the wedding, come and see lovely pictures of the event I was able to lay my hands on from Instagram without much stress. You might also have to invest in some selfie sticks which you’ll hand over to your guests to help boost the fun. 3) Photo Booth Magic: Have you ever imagined how having a photo booth on your wedding will be? By having a photo booth on your wedding, you’ll be solving two issues at a time, the first is creating a lasting memory that you’ll still be viewing after many years and secondly, entertaining your guests. 4) Think of having some Henna Tattoos: Though not everyone like having a tattoo, however you can create a temporary one for the special even. Henna is gotten from the Arabic word حِنَّاء and it is a kind dye that is prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis. The tattoo will become more amazing and complete when the both of you place your hands together during the event. Your grandparents will appreciate the amazing and unique design. 5) Have some dance lessons: It’s your wedding so you have the right to enjoy the day and make your groomsmen and maids to learn some choreographed dance routines that will make the event more fun. 6) Customized Wedding Touches: You can engrave a new set of silverware for the both of you to dine with. I assure you that it’ll make the event memorable and also make the marriage more peaceful. You can also customize the wedding gifts, like giving sneakers that have yiur names on them and other things. All you need is to get a good event planner and you’ll be on your way towards getting a memorable wedding party.