Book adpatation
Hi screenwriters, I would like to be in touch if you have done or are thinking of writing a screenplay adaptation of your book(s)? I did and, on this article, I share what happened. October 2016 I self-published the first book of my series, The Sylph's Tale, that its a small book is the only peeve on the few Amazon reviews. Last year I made the screenplay adaptation. Learning about screenplays was fun and frustrating, but from the start, I could see my series on TV. Don't most of us imagine our books on the screen? Some of my limited backgrounds, a few years ago I belonged to a Sacramento screenwriting group sponsored by the International Screenwriting festival, learned a lot from seasoned screenwriters. Also, took a free ISA Craft Course in Screenwriting, ISA classes are worthwhile, watch a few free YouTubes on screenwriting and downloaded free screenplays to read; everything helps. To do my screenplay adaption, I used Amazon Studios, started to send it to contests, that can get expensive and not sure how worthwhile it is. My adaptation of The Sylph's Tale alternate title Ayekah the Damned was quarterfinalist on the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest. Have submitted to a couple of other contest but it feels as if they are hooks to spend more. That's almost all for me, getting ready to publish VIRGINS, book two of my series but not sure if I'll do a screenplay.