Writing about Trauma - Memoir
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Hi Monica, I am beginning my Memoir and it has a lot of dramatic scenes that are difficult for me to write. These are different Trauma’s that happened to me. I would like to hear other writers opinions of how to get through these stages in your book as you are writing it. I also have a blog I have started and use these blog issues to build chapters in my Memoir. I look forward to hearing from some of your other followers.. Paige McGhee
  • Hi Paige! I am new to this community, and I know your post was written a while back. I hope your book writing has gone well for you. I write poems about trauma I have lived through. I was going to say a counselor shared with me once this idea of going back to the traumatic events I've lived through and being there for myself at that stage. I guess another way of putting it, is reenacting the trauma as though it's a play, but having present you be there for past you. She cautioned me to only do this when I was feeling "ready", but I have found this method to enable me to get through some of the triggers.
  • Hi Paige, I've been writing about trauma for the past year and understand your challenge. Emotions have surface that have required me to move more slowly, take breaks more often and be especially gentle with myself. In my experience, this type of writing requires lots nurturing and self care. I invite you to go gently. All the best to you and your writing ~ Anne Heck
  • My latest release is entitled The Lesser of Two Evils. The subject matter is domestic violence, including physical, mental, and sexual abuse. It was not an easy book to write, but I did find ways to cope during the process. Whenever I had a difficult chapter to write, I pushed through it with a 'just get it over with' attitude. It was emotionally draining, but when it was done, it was done. I would spend however much time I needed to regroup afterward. I watched a lot of comedy, binged on chocolate, and cried. I cried a lot. Know this: It's difficult, but when you're done it's not just a book. It's a part of you. It's offering up a part of you to the world, and getting it out is more therapeutic than you can imagine. Keep pushing through it, and let it all out. Pour your heart into it even though it feels like it's tearing you apart. The end result is a baring of your soul that lifts a weight off your shoulders. Best of luck!