Feedback wanted
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Hi Ladies! I'm brand new here and I'm wondering if I can get a bt of feed back. I didn't really think what I was doing was blogging but I've been told it is so getting clarification would be nice too... if I am allowed to i'll post my FB link as thats my only platform at the minute. Xx
  • Are you writing on facebook only? or do you have a blog platform? A few people who used to blog who stopped for a variety of reasons are now doing similar type of writing on facebook because they like the community aspect (ie. people go to your post on facebook and like or comment on there and it initiates a dialogue). I don't do that on facebook but I do that on my blog and I've met a lot of interesting people who are now regular commenters there. It feels like facebook but it's not as restricting because I don't have to 'make friends' with the bloggers who read my blog. Does that make sense? Good luck!