Introduce Yourself Here!
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Hello! I'm Hyba. I started this group because I wanted to find more active members here on She Writes. Since quite a few of my works belong in the horror / suspense / mystery genres, I thought it would be a fitting way to meet other writers who share my writing interests! I am currently an unpublished author with 5 works in progress: an eerie suspense novella, a folklore-based horror novel, two fantasy novels, and a collection of short stories. What about you? What brings you to this group? Introduce yourself! :D
  • Hi Lakeisha! Welcome to SheWrites! ^^ Thanks for introducing yourself. A horror book based on a dream! That sounds like a very cool project!
  • Hi, I'm Lakeisha. I just joined SheWrites today and I'm looking at all of the different groups. This group caught my eye because I have an idea based on a crazy dream that I had. I have always wanted to write a novel or short story but doubt and insecurities keep getting in my way. But, I want to tell this story. It's a horror story and I could use some advice on how to write. This will be my first serious attempt at writing a novel.