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Writing to give people insight and hope and a little entertainment.... At 45 years old I am redefining myself. I have searched long and deep to decide what exactly that means. I had my first of 4 children at 19 years old and the last at 37. I am a cancer survivor, divorce survivor, eating disorder survivor, and a military spouse deployment survivor. I believe that my less than ideal early childhood along with lots of prayer is how I have made it through each of these experiences. Not only did I "make it through" but I came out a strong and confident woman! I am ready to use the things that I could have let break me or define me as a weak woman and write. Obviously any writer who is reading this can see that I need help and have a long way to go. I am excited! I am ready! I look forward to learning from you women and growing in this journey. I have thick skin and seek the silver linings. I believe that, along with the online course I am beginning in November, the goals I have outlined in my journal and the support of you all, I can do this! Wanda Reid