Hi everyone, I'm Kathy Gereau.
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I'm a new author at She Writes. I was attracted to the site because since I retired from teaching I'be been working as a psychic medium in a little tourist town in Illinois. My new book is "Serious Little Catholics" about going up Catholic. Lots of new agers are lapsed Catholics. I have started working on a novel with a shamanistic theme and would love to hear about what other people are writing.
  • My grandmother was a medium. Her husband was an Episcopal Minister. I'm betting that made for some interesting household "nuances"! I also knew of a man, a lapsed Catholic, who had about 30 tarot decks and got heavily into witchcraft. I love the concept of a novel with a shamanistic theme! Good Luck!.
  • This sounds very interesting. Where'd you get the statistics on catholics/new agers? That's fascinating because I too am a lapsed Catholic with a New Age bent...I believe it's more related to how ancient New Age actually is...it's not a complete 180 from the catholicism that I grew up with which seemed rooted in antiquity and mysticism. What type of shamanism is in your book? Very interested in hearing more.