I have been writing stories for over 15 years, but only this past year have begun to gain a structure--about 65 pages in, but I still find myself struggling with direction--many options are paralyzing me. Any suggestions?
  • Hi Patricia, I recently found a Writers Digest course on coming up with a strategic plan for your memoir. Is this something you would be interested in? If so, I can send you the information if you like.
  • I agree with Phyllis. A first draft that goes in all directions is par for the course. But if you feel you are now ready to shape your stories there are the classic patterns you can try You might choose the classic five-stage plot structure: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. You might also choose the three-act structure – setup, confrontation, resolution –
  • I would share the words of the famous writer and writing coach, Anne Lamott, in her classic book- Bird by Bird. Just keep writing until you have your "shitty first draft". Then you can worry about structure later in the rewrite. That is what I did several years ago. Now I am in the process of rewriting and revising it. It helps to get that first draft done. Keep up the good work. Write On! Phyllis