Importance of Time Management in a Mother’s Life
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Being a mother is always a happy thing. It’s entertaining to play with your kids and watch closely every step as they grow up. But behind that happiness, the mother is always in run to do things timely and most of the cases they miss on it. You not only make the transition from a girl to a mother, but it will reflect changes on your entire routine. It’s a common thinking among the ladies that I had all the time in the world before I’m being a mother and now, I’m running out of time to do daily household chores. It’s true and it affects the life of many. But the happy news is that we can tackle this issue effectively with an implementation of proper time management approach. As a professional trainer from a domestic workers agency who guides the maids in Dubai to reach out to various problems they may face in their profession and providing solutions to those issues, I can promise you that time management is quite useful to get those relaxing days back. We have time, that’s 24 hours/day, but we are not allocating it properly. You must prepare a plan and allocate specific time for each item included in your plan. To explain a bit; give 30 minutes for washing, give one hour for cooking, etc., and determine the time based on your convenience to do each job. Give it a try for one or two weeks, and definitely you are going to say ‘Yes, It Worked For Me’.