How Does It Feel With Turbo Bite Ramps?

What are turbo bite ramps? Bite turbos, generally, are made out of acrylic pads, mounds, or popularly known as ramps which is being applied into the tongue side of the upper front teeth of an individual. This is also being bonded on the chewing area of the rear part of the teeth. Turbo bite ramps normally comes with different colour like red, blue, or its natural colour. Likewise, it may also be made out of metal which is known as the metal bite ramps.

These turbo bite ramps are being bonded temporarily in order to open a person’s bite. These ramps can make a person’s teeth apart which is necessary in order to bite a food and it also allows the teeth of a person to move accurately without touching into other teeth. When a person decided to wear bite ramps, he will start to feel easiness in biting and he will no longer feel the pain when he is biting.

If you are still unsure why turbo bite ramps are necessary, here’s why. Actually, turbos are just an additional treatment for your teeth problems. What are the main purpose of turbo bite ramps? First, turbos can put a particular pressure on the teeth of a person letting him freely move his teeth and tongue. They also help people who are suffering in deep overbites. However, turbos can also be used in other significant conditions. Biting on turbos also helps in preventing biting on braces and it also decreases the possibility of bracket’s breakage. When you have turbos, you will experience minimal damage on your opposing teeth.

Initially, when turbos are placed on the front part of the teeth, a person’s back teeth cannot come together completely when chewing certain foods. However, when turbos are place on the back part of the teeth, the teeth in front will not get touched. Further, these conditions are not permanent. You have to eat softer foods during the first week your turbos have been installed. You may also experienced changes on your speech but it will also return from its normal functionality after a week.

If you are worrying whether your turbo will break or loose after installing it or after quite some time, it is not a big problem. You can just contact your dentist and report what have happened as soon as possible. Calling your dentist immediately when problems occur is required so they can set you an appointment when you should visit the clinic.

You should always consult your dentist whenever you experienced something awful regarding your oral health especially on your teeth. When pain comes due to your oral problems, it can be so stressful and you will feel very anxious every time you eat. You can still prevent these things from happening. It depends on you the action that you should do.