16 Facts About Burnished CMUs That Masons Thinks It’s True
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Masonry workers use clay bricks, cement, and concrete blocks, and natural and artificial made stones to build structures like buildings.

As modern-day masonry, these are a highly unique skill that few people are known for this occupation.

It is a demanded job in the industry wherein the employment rate of masonry workers predicted to increase by 11% from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average professions.

It is predictable since the population is increasing and the expected to result in the need for more masons to work on the construction of different buildings and establishments.

There are lots of new masons that are developing these abilities and honing their skill set in this profession.

In this blog, were going to tackle the facts that may help you give more knowledge in your field as a mason using Burnished cmu.

1. Masonry, merged with ‘thermal block’ protecting methods, using burnished block stores more energy, and it stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer resulting in reducing electric consumption.

2. CMUs blocks are comprised of cement, sand, and lightweight aggregate.

3. Using the CMUs life cycle is unsurpassed by any other building material.

4. Standard blocks size are 190 x 190 x 390, commonly used by a variety of architectures.

5. The factory layer of acrylic sealant helps to improve the natural beauty of the surface.

6. Burnished cmu are graffiti resistant, long-lasting, and help projects keep a new look for years to pass by.

7. Burnished blocks can be easily recycled.

8. Ground Face CMUs are fireproof, soundproof, anti-molds, and water and insect resistant.

9. Airless spraying is always the preferred method in the field coat sealant application.

10. Designed to reduce maintains cost because the blocks are well polished and easy to clean.

11. Blocks are crafted, out of materials that come in hundreds of colors and decorative finishes.

12. Homes that are made of burnished cmu is nearly air-tight, which makes them allergy-resistant.

13. Masonry, such as burnished blocks, can increase the thermal block of a building and can protect the building from fire.

14. Burnished Cmu's will no longer require paintings in providing a structure with longer life-cycle costs.

15. The materials are produced to accommodate consumers with at least 40% pre-consumer recycled content by mass.

16. Every block must be laid by hand and needs the skill of a master craftsman.


Knowing within your field of expertise will give you more leverage in your profession. If you are new in this line of job and need to learn a lot more in a shorter period, consider these 14 Facts as a great addition for your knowledge in masonry.