When will we be able to post articles again on She Writes?
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It seems that She Writes is no longer allowing us contributors to post articles. Any thoughts?
  • I was wondering the same thing. About 4-5 months ago, I emailed them and they told me that they are making some adjustments to their site and for now they have removed the ability for us to contribute with our articles. It appears like they have removed it for good. It is so disappointing. Does anyone know of any other prominent websites like this where we can contribute?
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    This is a good question. I only joined this year, but I thought I couldn't post articles because I was new or something. Then I noticed that there haven't been any new articles posted since April of 2020, which coincides with the pandemic, so I thought maybe that was an issue. it seems like other people are having the same questions and problems though. I noticed that even though new groups were being made, there wasn't a whole lot of activity in them, and with the long gap since a new article was posted, I thought maybe SheWrites is a dying site. It would be helpful to know so that I can determine whether or not I want to keep coming back here looking for a writing community.
  • I am so happy someone else posted about this. I didn’t know if it was just my account or everyone was experiencing the same thing. I began using this site in 2017 and would have problems with being able to consistently login. After I was finally able to log in, I started joining groups and reading articles. I began drafting articles. I have five drafted, with one almost ready to publish. I have images and titles entered that I’d like to post on the blog with my writing. During 2017 and 2018, I could sometimes login and sometimes edit my work. So, I stepped away from the editing portion, thinking that the site was undergoing changes and I need to be patient. I made my last changes to an article in 2019 tried to publish it, but I have not been able to make changes since. My article did not publish. I have noticed that some people have been able to post during 2020, but I have not seen that feature this year. I am not able to edit or delete my drafts. I have sent emails but haven’t received any replies. I have messaged the social media person on Facebook. I was told to send in my questions about whether the posting and editing functions were permanently or temporarily disabled to the contact form on the site. I called the number listed for the site and was told that the person I was speaking with would find out if the posting and editing functions would be returned to the site, and they would email me with more information. I haven’t heard anything yet. There is no information on SheWrites.com or the Sparks Studio websites stating that there would be changes or discontinuation of that option. If we can no longer publish, or if they are making changes to the website, it would be nice to know. I at least want to know to continue waiting or be able to delete my drafts. I even asked others still creating new groups if they knew what was happening, and no one ever responds. It is frustrating. The number I called is (480) 275-4280. Maybe you would be able to get more information. If you do, please post it. I would like to know. If posting here has ended, I would like to know that so I can get started elsewhere. If the model has changed completely, it would be nice to know what options are available. If COVID has ended this feature, that would be good to know. Any information you have or discover will help.