Torque Trading Systems – How You Get The Commissions
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The torque trading systems helps its users in trading and this is made possible by a sophisticated Crypto bot that is programmed to trade in the 15 different exchanges offered by the company.

Theoretically, the system is designed to offer everyone a safer and more efficient way to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios from which you get the ROI commissions. But this is not just the only way you’ll get returns from your investments in the company. Torque Trading System operates on an MLM basis as well and one can earn from the referrals.

Now, how about we break everything down? Let’s get started.

Your daily return of investment

For you to be able to realize the ROI commissions, you will first have to invest in 1 Etherium coin. Now, from each Etherium coin you invest, you ae bound to get no less than 0.15% in commission and the commission can go as high as 0.45%

Next, let’s have a look at the qualifications for the trading ranks and how they are related with ROI commissions.

ROI & trading rank qualification in torque trading systems

Since it’s an MLM, it’s easy to assume that you’ll easily earn more commission by having a greater number of downline members but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

For you to get these earnings, you’ll need to have a higher rank. To earn the commission, you need to have at least a single affiliate member who invests in the company. Below is the ascending order of the ranks and what you need to qualify for each.

  • Investor: this is the lowest rank in the company which you automatically get upon investing in the 1 Etherium which you also need to earn the daily commissions.
  • Agent – to step up to the next level, you need to recruit at least one member who is will invest in the company as well.
  • Market- to get to this rank, you need to recruit 7 members who have the agent rank.
  • The regional leader- to go up to be the regional leader, you’ll need to recruit 7 members in the Market rank
  • The global leader- this rank is attainable when you recruit 7 regional leader-ranked members.

Torque trading system’s bonus commissions from referral ROI

Even with the global leader rank, you are still not eligible for a ROI commission from members in your downline. Instead, the commissions from this bonus are determined by the uni-level compensation plan for the MLM.

The uni-level compensation works in such a way that at level 1, your compensation plan only has members you have personally recruited. Level 2 then has the members your level 1 members have recruited; Level 3 has the members your Level 2 team members have recruited and it goes on up to level 9.